A veteran of optical industry in New York for 25 years, manages STATION SQUARE EYES.  Coming from a pedigree family of optometrists and ophthalmologists, she happens to be the granddaughter of Dr. Federico Sarabia ( the first optometrist in the Philippines). Christine  brings the energy, dedication and innovation that made her family name a hallmark for eye care excellence in the Philippines since the early 1900s.  Her knowledge, skills and most of all, her genuine concern for customer service satisfaction makes her a formidable leader of the team.   As Operations Manager, a position she held since 1995 under Sol Moscot Opticians, Christine leads the change to bring STATION SQUARE EYES the recognition as Forest Hills’ leading vision care center.  She is also a professional musician, playing percussions with friends on and off stage every chance she gets.

The Sarabia Family   - see history